Fata Morgana of Yvan Guilini : Hear it , Love it , Stream it and Dance on it.

At the Age of 77 Yvan Guilini finally goes Dance! “Fata Morgana”.

A very strong commercial Dance track coming together with a strong international videoclip. (Thanks to Cameraworks.be)

Fata Morgana! The Sound : East meets West.

A typical sound from the East in combination with a Spanish Guitar and a simple but very strong gimmick. The beautiful melody composed and produced by Yvan Guilini with a perfect Dance beat.

Yvan Guilini, Belgian Artist, Composer, Producer, famous for his beautiful melodies straight from the Heart and His Instrumental worldhit “Winter Memories”. Yvan ‘s  latest album “Music Forever” hit the charts in Belgium .The songs Mélancolie ( https://youtu.be/hnguxsI73OY ), Sunny Groove ( https://youtu.be/f8P2Fkz3-qE ), Don’t take My Dream away (https://youtu.be/b7K5HbjlcOQ ) , Happiness  ( https://youtu.be/djRWNNzCivk )  and of course Winter Memories (https://youtu.be/5ZGsJ20Kyc0 )  came together with a superb videoclip. These songs were appreciated in various countries and have been played op various radios in Scandinavia, Asia, The UK, Australia etc.

Yvan Guilini composed and produced more then 150 songs. All different styles. Going from Jazz to Romantic Music, but also a Tango or a Bossa Nova belong to his repertoire. You’ll find more then 4 albums on Spotify with a diversatie of styles. And now finally Yvan Guilini goes Dance. Fata Morgana will be released on the Dance label Game Records of his Daughter Carolina Guilini, who had a very successfull Dancelabel in the 90ties. Finally Father meets Daughter in the Style of Music.

YVAN GUILINI known to the general public for his world hit Winter Memories- begins  a new phase in his career.

After a sabbatical of 25 years, Yvan Guilini, the man behind the instrumental world hit ‘Winter Memories’, finally breaks the silence. ‘The King of Hammond B3 and master on The Keyboards’ surprises with ‘Music Forever’, a brand new album with 13 songs, including the original version of his world hit. With its own sound, a mix of jazz and classical, the keyboard virtuoso forced a place in the list of the greatest. As charismatic as the late James Last, the ever-fresh-looking Yvan Guilini has made ‘the best album of his career’ at 74.ste  For those who love instrumental music, ‘Saxophobia’, ‘Fata Morgana’, ‘Libertad Tango’, ‘Mélancolie’ and the sublime ‘Bizarre’ absolute musical gems. Guilini still has the unique Hammond B-3 technique, his trademark, in his fingers. Beautiful arrangements and the top production, in which Guilini collaborated again with Samuel Jonckheere (co-production Lady Gaga) and a zipper of leading musicians, make this album a unique gem. With the holidays ahead, ‘Music Forever’ is a grateful gift to get and give. The master is back and he is looking forward to it: “I am happy that with this album I can be a musical bright spot in these special times. In the creation I once again realized how much I missed this, but thanks to and with the support of my daughter and a wonderful team, we can offer my fans and many lovers of instrumental music something very beautiful. By the way, it’s the first time the original ‘Winter Memories’ appears on an album of mine. Finally!”


After a rest period of about 25 years, Hammond virtuoso Yvan Guilini  is back on the keyboard. His passion for music and the instrument is back. True to the style and tradition of the past, he has developed a show in which the legendary Hammond B-3  and his synthesizers are central. The  playlist includes both new songs and classics.

Yvan Guilini was born in Bruges on 30 May 1946. At the age of three he played the piano. Over the years he created his own typical Yvan Guilini sound. Music was his passion. He made his first public appearance at the age of thirteen, after which several offers followed with established names from the music world.

The Hammond tonewheel organ. At the age of eighteen he received his first “Hammond organ”, the legendary B-3. He then learned to master a technique that few others were able to control. He became “The King” of Hammond and played the bass pedal at amazing speed. Yvan Guilini created his own sound, a mix of classical and jazz.

In 1969, Yvan Guilini went on a world tour. He performed in no less than 28 countries. He was on tour with the “Dutch Broadcasting Company” with which he eventually recorded 2 LPs with popular jazz music.  Once back in Belgium he received 2 prizes for his style and music.


This Belgian Top artist made his first ever radio appearance in the popular radio program “Varietés from 12 to 2 with Ted De Braak. ” and this at the age of 16. Later, he  participated in “Vara’s performance” (a talent show where he eventually turned 2   (1979)


1976 became the year of its commercial breakthrough. In Belgium alone, more than 100,000 copies went over the counter. The album sold more than 50,000 copies in Belgium. Winter Memories was an instant big hit. Followed by romantica, Prelude de la mer, L’inconnu, Long time ago, Jet fly me to Japan – summer hit 1986.

1977, Jazz Bilzen. His performance at Jazz Bilzen earned him a weekly radio program at national radio station. He played the music of the day in his own interpretation.

Radio programme at BRT Radio 2. Yvan Guilini had his own radio programme at Radio 2 (then BRT) for 8 years. On Saturday morning – just before the BRT top 30- he played his own songs and versions of big hits of the moment.

It started with the Hammond organ, but it grew into recordings with symphonic orchestras to 70 musicians. The pursuit of perfection is reflected in the high quality of productions that Yvan Guilini brings to. The master on the keyboard brings emotional music, right out of the heart. Music to dream away from.

On iTunes there are 3 albums with its great successes to obtain.